Weigh in day


Yesterday was weigh-in day, every time I step on the scale I fill myself with dark and twisty thoughts. 

“I didn’t do as much as I should have,” “I really don’t want to see this number,” “I’m fat”.

The scale is like a rock plunging my thoughts down into the deep dark depths of my self doubt. I strip off my clothes, because every ounce makes a difference and step on the scale. I wait for what seems like an eternity and the numbers flash across the screen, I have lost 2 pounds in a week. Now that may not seem like a lot, but first of all, any weight loss is good, I am moving in the right direction. Second of all small successes are still successes. 

Yesterday I went to the physical therapist (I have had chronic back pain for 10 years) and was told that along with my wussy PT exercises I can do light elliptical workouts. I am not going to focus on how frustrating that is going to be but instead I am going to focus on I have something to do at the gym and I am going to do my light workouts to the fullest. 

I would say yesterday was a pretty good day!

Fit year


We have been in 2014 for a week now and it is the time for resolutions to be forgotten. For me my resolution is to be more fit and luckily I have a crew to support me. I am NOT going to let this resolution be forgotten!

Just before Christmas both sides of my family had health scares. Luckily everything on both sides turned out fine and all parties are doing well. These incidents did however spark both sides of my family to start being more fit. A bunch of us got fitbit bracelets and have been using them to their fullest everyday. We are joining gyms and making sure we get our steps in. The biggest issue for me is eating and with everyone around me tracking their calorie intake it is hard to be the one not doing it, so I have been tracking my calories and while it is an adjustment I know it is for the best. 

I got a referral to start physical therapy again (I have had a bad back for 10 years) and hopefully they will give me the OK to do some working out. I had planned on working out anyway but being told what I should do and what I shouldn’t do will be a lifesaver. 

I thought about how I can keep myself on the right track, I thought about the embarrassment method where I post my weight every week online, that would be too embarrassing for me! I thought about blogging our meals, but really who cares about what I am eating. So I plan to stay current with my blog and no matter what I am actually blogging about I will slip a little bit of my goal to be fit journey in! Time to start feeling good about myself inside and out!