Adult living, Healthy living

2016 started out the same as every other year. With me screaming…


Resolution 1:

My wonderful in-laws brought us a treadmill for Christmas and we finally picked it up! (It has only taken a month to find a way to move it into the house and now we noticed that it takes a special outlet…so…crap) While I want to be healthy and fit and my brain has always wanted to be a runner, my body is more like…you know what’s fun…sleeping.

So here is my plan to overcome my lazy girl instincts!

Fitness-NewRunner-printNow I know that this is not going to break any records or impress any fitness freaks, however I think this is the best place for me to start.

I will be treadmill training three days a week and getting back into my Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide. The BBG workout is intense and awesome! It is such a great workout and I love doing it when I actually stick to it.

Resolution 2:

I also have a plan for the spring and summer. Last summer Alex and I discovered that our neighborhood had a hidden tennis court. Alex got back into tennis a few months ago with an indoor league and I really want to be able to go hit the courts with him!

Resolution 3:

Have a hobby. Am I going to do more crafts or do more photography? Am I going to get into decorating my house? Am I going to dig into gardening? Should I actually learn to cook? I need to find something that will help me relax and give me time to myself.

This year is going to be so fun! I cannot wait to see the progress I make in my resolutions!

Why wait until the New Year to start being better!

Healthy living

Like 99% of people in the world I want to get in better shape. Every year I make the resolution to be healthy and last year I did really well…for a while…ok two months. It is the end of November 2014 now and I am feeling the itch to eat better, work out and be more active day to day. Usually I would say, “It’s the holiday season, wait until January”, this year I have decided to not wait and start kicking my ass in gear! Do I have a plan, nope. Should I have a plan, yep. Recently I watched a video on youtube (posted below) about having a plan that I know I will actually stick to. I am not going to go to the gym everyday, I am not going to never eat chocolate, it is just NOT going to happen! I need to really find what I am capable of doing. Can I work out three days a week, yes. Can I order more salads and drink more water, yep! I am also excited that my family is on board with me! My mom and my husband both are interested in doing some more and I am so much more motivated when I have a team! I will need to be thinking about my plan and what I think is realistic for me and my life. More to come! Video about being realistic! http://youtu.be/I-6tCDFfLXA