Pregnancy blog: Labor and Delivery


On Sunday, March 25 I had been having some contractions around 11:00 PM. Nothing serious but crampy and uncomfortable. I called into work because I wasn’t sleeping. I had a scheduled day off on Tuesday and I thought, I’d get some rest and go back Wednesday.

Monday came and I felt fine. No cramping, no pain, baby was moving a lot but otherwise I was fine.

My mom came over and while we were chatting on the couch she kept staring at me. I remember sitting criss-crossed on the couch and constantly rubbing my belly as baby moved around. My mom asked if I was having contractions and I said “no.” I hadn’t felt any since Sunday night.

We continued talking and we both felt baby moving for an hour or so when she said, “I think you’re having contractions.”

Ugh…don’t you think I would know if I was having contractions?

So we watched my belly tighten and relax and we timed them. Rock hard belly for a few seconds then soften. A few minutes later and again rock hard belly and then soft belly. But still no pain.

If you have been to any laboring classes you will have heard “511”, if contractions are 5 minutes apart, lasting 1 minute for 1 hour you call the hospital or nurse for directions. Once I fit into the 511 rule, I called my nurse triage line and here is what I was told.

“No pain means you’re still fine. Stay home until you are in pain.”

So we timed and waited. Still no pain. I started to get worried, I was already at 3 cm and 70% effaced. So I called again and I was told.

“No pain and your water hasn’t broken so stay home until one of those happens.

I decided to make an appointment with any available OBGYN for Tuesday just because I was curious if the contractions had done anything. Still no pain.

Monday night the contractions slowed, I slept great and felt fine. Tuesday morning I decided that we should bring our hospital bags just to be safe. I thought for sure we wouldn’t need them, I was only 37 weeks and I wasn’t experiencing any pain.

We see the doctor, he checks me and I have gone from 3 cm and 70% effaced to 5 cm and 90% effaced. He said that today was the day! We were told to walk around the hospital until the contractions hurt or my water breaks. So we walked…2 miles and still no pain, but I was tired so we decided I should get check in to rest. At 12:40 we were checked in and I was at 6 cm and 0 station. I was put in a room and by 3:00 it was decided that the doctor would break my water because my labor had stalled.

I had still not felt any pain. Every hour or so nurses would come in and check my stats and ask me about my pain. My answer was always, “I am at a 0 on the scale, I am in no pain.” I felt some sharp, short contractions after my water broke and I was sure that the pain was coming and that the pushing was going to be brutal, so I got an epidural to be on the safe side and then we waited. At 4:30 we started pitocin and waited. At 5:00 I was at 7 cm and still feeling great.

At 6:00 I was ready to push and at 7:03 my baby was born.

My awesome baby boy.

Jude Alexander Rixe

March 27, 2018

7 lbs 7 oz

19.5 inches long


According to my OBGYN 1% of women do not experience labor pain. I am in that 1%. Don’t hate me. I had prepared for laboring. I had mentally prepared for a tough and long process. I went to the classes, I practiced the breathing and relaxing techniques. Alex had practiced how to best help me and support me, however the delivery was so fast and uneventful, (thank God) that all my planning and knowledge was useless. My body took over and protected me and Jude during the entire event. The experience was magical and Jude is the best thing I have ever done.


Fun fact: Most of this was written during my labor process and saved in Google Drive until now. It might be a little all over the place but I thought it was special to use my real time thoughts.

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