Pregnancy blog: Third trimester


My third trimester was pretty normal. My belly grew, the nursery progressed and baby moved all the time. I was still working and my nesting urge had kicked in only in my classroom. At home I was calm and really relaxed. I felt really good.


The nursery came together with the help of our parents. Toys, books and baby clothes piled up from family and friends. I had a baby shower with the Hermes/Weinzetl side and a special friends tea party shower. The weather was still awful and cold, so I spent most of my time under a blanket dreaming about baby. We found out that Max and Megan were expecting and we were over the moon! We couldn’t wait to have Rixe cousins! We prepped freezer meals (which turned out to be clutch!) and we took some belly pictures.  



I had a few contractions and was dilating, but had no other medical issues. Alex and I went to the hockey state tournament and I had a few contractions there. We joked about my water breaking during a game, even though it was 5 weeks before my due date.

We found out that Max and Megan were having a girl on March 24th and I decided that I needed to know what the sex of my baby was…like right now. Even though I was sure it was a girl, I needed to know. At every doctor visit I debated with myself about asking for an ultrasound to find out the sex. I am so glad I never talked myself into saying it out loud. My weekly doctor visits were great and I was told that I was dilated to 3 cm and 70% effaced. If I were to go into labor they wouldn’t stop me. I guess that was enough for me.


March 25, 2018 things started happening…

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