Pregnancy blog: Babymoon


Alex and I did not go on a honeymoon. I know a honeymoon is not a guarantee just because you get married, but it was something we wished we could have done. We couldn’t afford one and over the years we decided to buy a house and a trip just wasn’t a priority. That being said we had always dreamed about honeymooning in Greece.


When we first discussed going on a trip for a babymoon, we thought Mexico was the easiest way to go. Warm, cheap and relaxing. We discussed it with our parents and got some awesome advice on how best to go on a trip. We booked the flights and the resort, we were set! At one of our OBGYN visits it came up that we were going to Mexico and she said, “Oh no, you can’t go there.” Ah, what?! Apparently the Zika virus was still very severe in Mexico and if I were to get bitten by a mosquito and get the virus it could have serious effects on the baby. I actually had a tiny anxiety attack in the doctor’s office and almost passed out. Luckily, we had purchased trip insurance so rearranging our flights was relatively easy. Now we had to either cancel the trip all together or find somewhere safe we could go.


We looked into Greece (which had been approved by our doctor) and things quickly fell into place. Mostly due to my husband researching, planning and organizing all of the details. I simply had to pack and everything else was taken care of. He really made this process look easy. December came and off we went, on the last trip as just us two.


Our flights out: Minneapolis to Paris, Paris to Athens, Athens to Paros.


Once in Paros my 22 week pregnant self was exhausted. Our first day was cold but sunny, we walked around the deserted village, picked up some groceries and realized that while Paros was gorgeous, we were going to get bored pretty quickly. We were there in the off season and the grocery store and our hotel were the only things open in the village. Again, my husband sprung into action and changed our plans. We would be going to Santorini early and staying there for most of our trip.


We ferried to Santorini and stayed on the edge of a cliff in Firostefani, our room was tiny and perfect. We ate meals in bed and lounged on our balcony overlooking the Caldera. We walked into the much more active village and saw our first blue dome building. Those first few days in Santorini were so peaceful and serine.


After a few days we moved from Firostefani to Oia and this was the trip we had dream about. The sun was hot, the breeze was cool and the locals were so welcoming. We walked along the white marble sidewalks and explored the shops and restaurants. We ate so much delicious food, crepes, pasta and baklava were our favs. We watched the sunset from an overlook and visited the most amazing bookstore we had ever seen. We bought souvenirs for the baby and sat on our patio enjoying this breathtaking place. Alex got to feel baby kick for the first time while we sat enjoying the sunshine.




Eventually we ferried back to Paros and headed home, Paros to Athens (24 hours to explore there), Athens to Paris (where we literally ran 2 miles to our gate) Paris to JFK, JFK to Indianapolis and Indianapolis to Minneapolis. That was exhausting…

Not everyone will be able to do this, I get that. I never thought we would actually go to Greece, but this vacation turned out to not just be a break before baby, it truly helped my marriage. It reminded us to appreciate each other, we were able to spend time together without bringing up bills, to do lists and work. It truly made me see how happy Alex makes me and how much I value him as a person and as a partner. He is an amazing man and will be the best father to our little one.

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