Homeowner painting project


My husband and I bought a house this past July. We semi-decorated and made it as homey as we could, however it still didn’t feel like our home. Suddenly it is Christmas break and we are both off of work for the rest of the year. Alex thought it would be the best time for us to do some painting, after a bit of pinteresting and talking about what the end goal for our home decor was we decided on our colors.

Alex and I love Santorini, Greece and the color of the beautiful dome roofs that adorn the city. We used this color in our wedding and both of our wardrobes are filled with the stunning blue. That color was a no brainer, our walls are currently a brown/tan/yellow/boring color, keeping that color with our beautiful blue was not going to happen so next we needed a muted color that would make our blue pop. We settled on grey, did you know that there are a million (not just 50) shades of grey?

We finally picked our colors and picked up a few gallons of each. It was time to start painting. Now you may not know this about my wonderful husband, but he is not handy. He is extremely smart and loving and an incredible person…but he cannot build or do any household fixing. So I figured I’d be doing the majority of the painting. Little did I know, when I get in homeowner fix-it mode I turn into a controlling, vicious, micromanaging crazy person and my poor husband had to bear the brunt of my attitude. Shortly after I opened the first can of paint I needed him to leave. Alex running errands and me painting is the best way for us to work together, it’s called multitasking…that means we can get more done in the time we have…right?

So not only can I be my bitchy fixer upper self but he gets to do his own thing and not be bossed around by me. It’s a win win!

I started with the blue walls and got the majority of them done before Al got home. My crazy had subsided a bit and I accepted some help from my husband to paint the vaulted area of the wall. Once we had finished the entire blue area we decided to be done for the day. We both tackled the grey the next day and suddenly our house felt more like home. I was so surprised how “handy” my husband turned out to be! He rigged up a long paintbrush stick to get the hard to reach places and I couldn’t have done it without him.

Alex and I also thought the same this Christmas and got each other artwork! So now we can hang up our new art along with the plethora of wedding pictures we have and really start living in our own space.

The only bad part about painting is that it has created new projects. Looking around we realized that our railing/banister doesn’t go with our new color scheme. So now we need to find a time to paint railings, spindles, and why not throw in the floor trim and maybe the doors upstairs! My husband is going to HAVE to become a handy man!

Here’s to a new year of projects and home upgrades!



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