The house is ours!


22 days ago Alex and I closed on a house!

On July 1st we spent an hour signing papers and chatting with the previous owner of the house, he handed us the keys and it was ours!

We moved in the next day with help from my awesome brothers and Al’s cousin. The boys did all the lifting and I supervised, which is my specialty! Suddenly we were adults and living in our own home…alone. It was and still is weird.

Moving is stressful…always. We packed well in advance so that wasn’t the issue, it’s more of the time and the energy it takes to move and to unpack. Where do I put all my stuff? I don’t have enough stuff to fill an entire house! We have to go shopping again? How much money do we have in the bank!!!?

We have lived on our own before, but it was in a small apartment or townhouse that provided a washer and dryer and we didn’t have room for furniture and we were poor college students, so we were fine with small, mismatched, free stuff. Now we are grown ups and the mismatched stuff is still ok, but the junky free stuff we’ve had for five years isn’t so ok anymore. We bought a shelving unit, a TV stand, coffee tables, a new washer and dryer (that was a headache in itself!) and stupid little things that we needed to make the house livable.

I feel ┬álike things have finally started slowing down though. We aren’t hemorrhaging money anymore, we are doing a few DIY projects and really trying to put our own stamp on the house. All in all moving has been a great experience, it is so great to come home to our house and we are really feeling married now (yes it has been two years since we got married, but we only lived alone together for two months of that, this has been a very big change) and we get to work together to make this house our home. We’ve had a few stumbles along the way, but we are now hopefully through the worst of it and can work to make our home pretty, comfortable and feel like ours. Maybe we’ll even have fun doing it together!

Here is our new house!

Here is our new house!