Anniversary 2015!


It is June 1st 2015 and that means that two years ago I married my best friend…it also means that nine years ago my best friend asked me to be his girlfriend!

I’ve written before about how Alex and I met and started dating (check out this post A happy ending)

So here I thought I would chat a bit about the last two years.

We got married on June 1, 2013 (I am just realizing I never posted a blog about our wedding day….so that will have to happen soon!) We lived in Duluth at the time and had a great summer together! In September Alex moved to the cities to start working at a job that came up unexpectedly, meaning that we lived apart for four months during our first year of marriage, it was awful and very difficult.  Finally I moved to the cities to be with Alex and since then we have been together, going on trips, being with both of our families and working toward building an awesome future together.

I would say that the first year is very much a romantic period. Even with living apart we were head over heels in love and the reality of the “real world” hadn’t hit us yet.

That brings us to year two…we officially got out of the head over heels phase, don’t get me wrong I love Alex so much and I think that my love for him grows every day, however I don’t need to fall apart when we aren’t together, if he has to go out of town for work it isn’t the end of my world (really this phase is so much healthier!) and I LOVE going to work and being my own person with my own things. We were really so co-dependent that is nice to finally be Alex and Jill, two separate people who happen to be madly in love.

I feel like year two was the most challenging year we have faced in all our years of being together. We both had to find ourselves within our marriage, we both were working and trying to decide what do we want to do for the long term (still not sure on this one), we are looking for a house, we are trying to save money for a house and a family, we are always trying to better ourselves and be good people. Being a grown up sure is a lot of work! This past year has been a year of intense discussions (some louder than others), decisions being made, dreams being adjusted and a lot of change both personally and in our relationship.

Alex and I are huge believers in therapy and the process of talking things out, for some people it might be a sign of failure to go to therapy, but for us we have found that therapy has helped us work out issues that if not worked out would have broken us. Marriage is work and for us therapy is an important part of our work schedule.

All of this being said, I could not have asked for a better partner in life. Alex is such a kind, sensitive and caring husband and everyday I see him working hard to give us an amazing life. I am proud of him and so honored to be his wife.

Happy anniversary my love!

Come what may!


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