House hunting 1


Alex and I moved into his parents house in December of 2013…..and as of May 2015 we are still living at his parents house.

We are however finally looking for a house! I can’t believe it is actually happening but it is!

Our house hunting started the first week of May and the first house we saw was incredible. It had the right location, a quiet street, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a great kitchen, a lovely yard, and a spacious deck, even the laundry room was perfect! It had just gone on the market that day and we were in love! Our only hesitation was that it was the first house we had ever looked at with buyer eyes. Would they all be this great? Would we see another house that was better? Is it irresponsible to buy the first house? Luckily for us we didn’t have to make a decision the house sold the next morning, having only been on the market for under 24 hours.

While somewhat disappointing we were totally okay with that. It was only the beginning of our search and we knew that there was a house waiting for us to fall in love with it.

Hopefully we will find it soon, my Pinterest boards are getting ridiculous!

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