Why wait until the New Year to start being better!

Healthy living

Like 99% of people in the world I want to get in better shape. Every year I make the resolution to be healthy and last year I did really well…for a while…ok two months. It is the end of November 2014 now and I am feeling the itch to eat better, work out and be more active day to day. Usually I would say, “It’s the holiday season, wait until January”, this year I have decided to not wait and start kicking my ass in gear! Do I have a plan, nope. Should I have a plan, yep. Recently I watched a video on youtube (posted below) about having a plan that I know I will actually stick to. I am not going to go to the gym everyday, I am not going to never eat chocolate, it is just NOT going to happen! I need to really find what I am capable of doing. Can I work out three days a week, yes. Can I order more salads and drink more water, yep! I am also excited that my family is on board with me! My mom and my husband both are interested in doing some more and I am so much more motivated when I have a team! I will need to be thinking about my plan and what I think is realistic for me and my life. More to come! Video about being realistic! http://youtu.be/I-6tCDFfLXA

A little update


The past few months have been so crazy! I got home from Australia and applied for a job, I interviewed for the job a week later and got the job the next week. I have been working as a preschool teacher since August 4th and I LOVE IT!!!! I am so lucky to have found a job where my employers are passionate about their work, my co-workers want the best for the school and the kids are excited to be there. Of course there are times when the kids act out or have melt downs but thats what kids do and for 99% of the time they are well behaved and so sweet.

September came and my sister had a baby! Evan Ryan was born on September 20, 2014. I was there for the entire labor process, I was honored to cut the cord, hold him first and have the first kiss. What a blessing he is! He is seriously beautiful and such a smiley happy baby.

October came and my family celebrated birthdays (four out of my seven siblings have birthdays in October)! My husband spoiled me rotten on my birthday, we went to ikea and The Mall of America and we spent way too much money on me and ate at the delicious Bubba Gump Shrimp. I usually dread birthdays, getting older makes me sad and I feel like I always wish for birthdays to be magical and they are never what I build them up to be. However, this birthday was magical. Alex and I had so much fun together and I couldn’t have asked for a better day. I went trick or treating with my nephews and niece (two ninja’s and Princess Jasmine), we ended up walking around for an hour and their candy buckets were full to the brim. It was such a fun night.

November came and so did the snow, a two day blizzard hit us and gave us our first snow. Typically the first snow melts away and the weather warms up for a while, not this year. The snow is here to stay and while it is beautiful I am hoping that it leaves us sooner rather then later. Yesterday was my cousin Emily’s wedding shower and my moms family all got together afterward. We got to see my Aunt and Uncles new house (Emily’s parents) and we got to just relax and be together, it was really nice.

We are preparing for the holidays now and I cannot believe how quickly they will be here! So much has happened in my day to day life and I am so thankful!

I will be back soon!


I cannot believe how long it has been since I have written! Life has been going to quickly since my trip to Australia, I got a job and have been keeping so busy with life. I am finally getting into somewhat of a schedule and because of that I will be having some time set aside for being creative. I will be working on my photography, scrapbooking and writing. Even if it’s just a few minutes a day.

So, I will be back!