A trip of a lifetime


Very soon I will be taking a trip, an amazing, incredible, glorious trip. I am going to Australia!

First off I have a few people to brag about, the people who are the reason for the trip, my favorite brother in-law Maxwell and his fantastic soon to be wife Megan. The trip is only happening because of them and I cannot begin to share my excitement and honor of being included in this wedding trip. Next my MIL, FIL and 2nd MIL…um…you people rock! Alex and I would have to either miss the trip entirely or he would go and I would have to stay home if you people weren’t so awesome. Thank you (I think that will be said a billion times a day from now on), you three are making a dream come true.

I also want to say a BIG THANK YOU to Max for allowing me to steal my husband away from him for some honeymoon time. We are so grateful to be able to sneak away, have some couple time and then join the family again. I promise that Alex will have tons of time to spend with Max, golfing, ping pong playing, picking at each other and getting on each other’s nerves. I just want a little time with him and the rest of the time I will be kicking him in the butt forcing him to be by Max’s side.

We have a bunch of things planned, some events will be spur of the moment and I hope to have some lay around time too. The entire trip will be filled with family and tons of bonding time, a little alone time might need to happen too!

I am going to be writing about everything we do and hopefully I can post on here to keep my people in the US updated (and make my parents a little jealous).

Australia here we come!

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