The car of my dreams


My husband and I made our first big purchase this week! We bought a CAR!!!

After months of researching and test driving all different models we went ahead with the process of buying. We started at a dealership that was very helpful and narrowed down all our specific wants and what we were willing to compromise on. After 3 weeks of the dealership not finding the car we wanted and a little insult about me from the salesman to my husband (not a good idea) we switched dealerships and were able to pick up the perfect car that week!


Friday morning Alex, my mom and I all drove to the dealership (we had three trade ins so we needed three drivers!), the car was so pretty! We went over all the paperwork and the salesman showed us a few tricks about the car and we were off.


(The car had 42 miles on it!!! It was meant to be!)

My mom and I were able to take the car on a mini road trip that afternoon to visit my best friend in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. We celebrated all night and had a great girls day on Saturday. After lunch my mom and I headed out for Mall of America. We had a date planned with our husbands and my parents friends F and MJ. We got to the mall early, did a little shopping then met up for our date. We had such a great time at dinner at Bubba Gump Shrimp (currently my favorite restaurant). Alex and I said our goodbyes and headed home. Alex had only driven the new car home from the dealership so he got to check things out a bit more on this drive.

The weather was a little rainy but cleared up as we went on, about 4 miles away from home 4 deer ran across the median into our lane and the last one smashed his shoulder into our car, stumbled a bit and sprinted off into a field. Alex swerved as much as he possibly could have and I believe because of his quick reflexes the damage was better than it could have been. We pulled over and Alex got out to look at the car, there was a significant dent. The light wasn’t broken but it had moved from where it should be. We called 911, my parents (who changed routes to come help) and Al’s parents then we waited. We sat in the car in complete shock and so frustrated. We bought a brand new car and after approximately 30 hours we hit a deer.

The police officer arrived and took our statements and our information, she seemed to understand how frustrated we were (she commented on how we didn’t even have license plates yet because it was so new) and soon after my parents arrived. They hugged us and said they would follow us home. Luckily the car was still driveable so we made the 4 miles trek home and parked our sad new car in the driveway, said goodbye to my parents and headed inside.  All we wanted to do was go to sleep, the rest of the process would have to wait until morning. Did I mention morning would be Easter? Easter came and went, we called our insurance and the process of fixing our car started.



Finally yesterday, we worked things out, the car is in the shop and I will be picking up a rental car tomorrow morning. I am hoping to get the car back sometime in the near future so I can finally stop borrowing cars from every family member I have!

Moral of the story, being an adult sucks.

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