My mom and I have been working out just about every day. Even if we just get a quick walk in at least every day we are moving our bodies. Tuesdays and Thursdays we go to yoga, but yesterday we decided to add zumba to our Tuesday workout. Holy crap! Zumba is hard and exhausting. The instructor moves her body so fast, I feel like even if I knew the moves I would have to move at least a beat slower.

What a fun class though, we got to move around, I felt dorky but we got to laugh at ourselves and we were working out at the same time! 45 mins of constant movin’ and groovin’ and I felt so accomplished afterward.

Then my husband joined my mom and I for our yoga class and it was such a great way to cool down from the crazy zumba class. Alex had done some yoga with me at home but had never been to a class. My anxiety about having him there was a little high, I wanted him to like it and I really didn’t want him to fall over. Let me just say that I needed to get over myself and it wouldn’t have been a big deal if he had fallen over or farted during class. He made it through the class and when I asked him how he liked it and he said it was ok, this morning however I was getting ready for work and he rolled over in bed, “I’m so sore!”, all I could do was smile and say “but it feels good, doesn’t it?”

So an hour and a half of working out yesterday was a success and I am so excited to do it again next Tuesday!


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