Tomorrow morning I am off to visit my BEST FRIEND Courtney! I can’t actually remember how we met but I know it was in 10th grade, my first year of full time public school. We were fast friends and that entire school year and summer we were inseparable! Every night we were at each others houses, my parents became her parents and her parents (and Grandma) became mine.

Being that we were 15 and 16 kids we were all about the Sisterhood of the traveling pants books, as most girls our age were, we (along with another friend) found the character we related to and that was our thing. We actually had pants that we wrote on, embroidered and passed along to each other. I got to take the pants with me when my family moved abroad. It might sound silly but it helped me feel close to my friends even though we were thousands of miles apart.

I moved back home for the end of senior year of high school and with both of us having boyfriends we weren’t as close as we had been. We each went to college, her to Moorhead and me to Duluth, we were on complete opposite sides of the state. We talked a little and I actually thought that maybe we had grown apart for good. I’m not very social and I find it really difficult to keep in touch with people. Luckily through facebook and texting we were able to stay in touch and remained friends, even when she moved across the country.

I was so excited to have Courtney as one of my bridesmaids and she truly saved the day! Things were going wrong and I was stressed, she stepped in and told me that this was my special day and I needed to enjoy every minute of it. She seriously was a life saver!

Tomorrow morning I get to go visit Courtney (I haven’t seen her for 9 months)! I cannot wait to see her and have some girl time. It is so great that over the past 10 years, through high school, college, friendships made and lost, countless jobs, and serious relationships we have always come back to each other. She is my oldest friend and I care so much for her, her presence in my life has been nothing but great and I cannot imagine it without her.

Love you Miss C!




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