Week 2: Interrupted


Week 2 of my workout program.

Sunday my poor husband started experiencing severe abdominal pain. As someone who had her appendix burst I wanted to rush him to the ER, he thought it wasn’t ER worthy so we rushed to urgent care. We sat in the urgent care waiting room for an hour and a half before we were called in to see the doctor, the entire time Alex sat patiently but in pain. The doctor asked some questions and did a few tests, gave Alex a pain shot and told us that it was a kidney stone and if it got worse overnight to go to the ER. We got out of urgent care right at 6:00 PM just as all the pharmacies closed. I had to drop Al at home and drive 20 minutes to the closest 24 hour pharmacy, wait 40 minutes for the prescriptions to be filled and then drive 20 minutes home. That night I was up every 3-4 hours giving meds, making Al drink and get up to go to the bathroom.

Monday we slept in and by lunch Alex was is so much pain we made the trip to the ER, within 10 minutes we were in a room, Al was in a gown and the nurse was giving him pain meds. It was so great! Finally he was able to get some proper rest. After 2 hours and 3 IV bags we went home with new medication and the healing process began. We slept the rest of the day and all through the night. Tuesday we woke up feeling well rested and Alex felt so much better. He ate for the first time since Sunday morning and then back to bed. 

Wednesday he went back to work and I got to do some resting for myself! I spent the day relaxing, it was so needed. Thursday was spent helping my mom…so my workout was pushed to Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

I really did not want to work out today, I wanted to continue being lazy and just do a double workout tomorrow. Here is something you should know about me, I will NEVER do a double workout. I just won’t do it. So I got off the couch and did my workout. I started out strong and drifted into exhausted very quickly! BUT I worked out, I did it! I have 2 more workouts to go and then week 3 starts! I am so proud of myself for changing my life! It is so not easy, but the hardest part is starting!

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