Don’t give up


“Don’t give up what you want most for what you want now.” (Gotta love pintrest!) 

Wow, those words are pretty powerful! I want a healthy active life, am I willing to sacrifice that for a box of hoho’s? NO, I am not! 

For most people being fit is a difficult process to start, this healthy living lifestyle was not instilled in us growing up. Being fit sounds really easy;

1. eat fewer calories

2. exercise

Actually doing those two things is really hard! Being fit and living a healthy lifestyle takes WORK and the last thing people want to do after coming home from work is more work. It is so much easier to pick up dinner from the local greasy spoon and shove it in your face before winding down from the day. If you actually think of fast food joints as an actual greasy spoon it sounds disgusting! You wouldn’t eat off of a greasy spoon, ick! 

Cutting out fast food from my life has been difficult. I still have cravings for McDonalds and my favorite Taco Bell, but when I have allowed myself to get a meal from there I instantly regret it and it really isn’t as tasty as I remembered it being! Stocking the fridge with healthy choices has been so rewarding (plus my mother in-law does all the shopping so it isn’t much work for me!), I am seeing candy but grabbing an apple, I am cooking healthy lunches instead of ramen or mac and cheese. 

Not only do I feel good about my decisions but my body literally feels better. I feel less stress, less metaphorical weight and less physical weight (down 3 more lbs this week!). I truly think planning meals and only buying healthy options is key to living a healthy life! 

Another incentive for me is I do not want my kids to have to go through this when they are my age, I want to instill this in them right away! 

Today I am going through old and new cookbooks to find the healthy recipes and try them out! I’m sure I’ll post a little bit about those when I find and try out the good ones! 


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