A very happy Bride


I have been married for almost two months, I am still signing and telling people the wrong name. Then I look like a dork when I say “actually that’s not my name”, they give me that um…shouldn’t you know your name look and I just smile awkwardly. 

Alex and I have started moving things to his parents house as that is where we will be TEMPORARILY moving to this fall. If Alex gets a job in the cities he will be moving there earlier than I will be, but that isn’t happening as of yet.

In all of the craziness that is life, work, preparing for school, looking for new jobs and packing to move, we finally got our wedding pictures a few days ago! They are absolutely lovely! Our photographer’s (and David) did an amazing job. I am a very happy bride!!!

ImageAlex and I seeing each other for the first time!

ImageNo, I did not take this from a magazine! This is my super handsome husband!


ImageOne of me

ImageWhen I saw this picture, I cried. Even with a little rain, grey skies, and a chill in the air we got amazing pictures. If all of the other pictures sucked, this one would have made up for it. This one would have saved the bunch. Luckily, all my pictures rock so it’s not even an issue!


Thank you so much Zachary, Jason, and David for working hard, getting in awkward poses and making our day so special! 


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