A happy ending


In my old age of 24 I am forgetting things. I have been asking Alex for the past four years to write our story. I understand that I am not a very good writer and I NEVER punctuate correctly, mostly because I get to into the story I’m telling and then at the end I just don’t care, but Alex is an amazing writer. He had to write 30 pages of a screen play for his film studies minor and I so want him to finish it so I can find out what happens! 

Because he is a boy and seems to have no intrest in writing our story at the present, I will mind dump it here so when we’re old and he still hasn’t written it we will have something. 

In August of 2006 my younger brothers were having two a day practices for the freshman football team at our high school. My mom had volunteered to help prep and serve fruit at practice and asked me to come along. I am not really sure why I said I’d help, why would any 16 year old girl want to sit in the hot shed by the football fields serving sweaty smelly boys fruit. It’s not like they would be focusing on me at all, they were all gross, but I did say yes and we spend a few hours serving fruit to the freshman team, the sophomore team, the JV team and the varsity team. 

While I was working one of my friends pulled up in the gator (a little golf cart), we started talking and she said she was managing the football team with another friend and that I should do it too. I thought that would be fun to hang out with these girls and be a little VIP at football games. So I found the head coach (Coach Rohl) and asked him and he probably because he was crazy busy said agreed, I started immediately. 

I went to the practices and hung out with the other managers Kelsey and Kashia, of course I noticed a few specific boys but no one in particular caught my eye. It wasn’t until school had started in September that  I was waiting outside the football shed for Kelsey and Kashia that Alex approached me. He said he had to go to the bathroom and asked if I would put his knee pads in his pants. Now that might sound a little weird but I had been working with the sweaty boys and helping them for a month so I just did it. Turns out I put them in upside down so it probably wasn’t too helpful. 

After that it seemed like every where I went I noticed Alex. In school, out to eat, at football every where I looked he was there. We started sitting together on the bus to away games and by October I was head over heels in love. He was the first boy who noticed me, I had never been on a date, never been kissed and never had a guy friend. I sometimes thought I would never get that, I was destined to be a spinster, I was only 16 and a bit of a dramatic.

There was a problem though, the ex. Alex had been dating this girl for 9 months, she broke up with him just before we’d met. He still had feelings for her and wasn’t sure how to move on. I didn’t care, I was in awe of everything he did, said and thought. He walked on water, so I told him that we could be friends and maybe one day he would be ready to date me. So that fall we spent so much time together, another friend had asked me to manage the hockey team and being a Minnesota boy Alex was the varsity goalie. So we spent more time together, even though I was working with the JV team we sat together on the bus rides and met up after practice. The hardest part for me was I knew that when he wasn’t with me, he was with her. She seemed to not want to date him but didn’t want him to go either. I just couldn’t understand why he was keeping her around when she hurt him, but then again I did the same thing. Alex hurt me, he liked me but loved her.


Us in Lake Placid, NY

The hockey team went on a trip to Lake Placid, NY and Alex arranged for us to sit together on the plane. We had fun on the trip but there were also some times that I felt like an idiot, why do I let myself love him when he wasn’t sure of what he wanted. Because I was working with the JV team I had a different schedule than him so I hung out with some of the JV boys. One of them was super friendly and came right out and said he liked me. This was a big deal. Two boys liked me, one of them said he wasn’t ready to be with me and the other said he was. It was nice to be liked without strings. While I was with the JV boys, the varsity boys went out about town and Alex bought a souvenir, for the ex. I was heartbroken.

I ended up dating the JV boy, not to make Alex jealous (even though it did), but because he liked me. He wanted to call me and only me, he wanted to hang out with me and only me. But I was still in love with Alex. I would go to my boyfriends (I’m using that term very loosely) and on the way home stop at Al’s, just to say hi. 

March came and I found out that JV boy was hooking up with another girl. I wouldn’t sleep with him so he found someone who would. Not a big loss for me but it was a big blow. Now two boys are picking different girls over me. What the hell?

The last few months of 11th grade were fun, I hung out with two awesome girls, Alex and I were really good friends and I was okay with just being friends. On the last day of school Alex asked me to hang out, so we went to his house and were enjoying the sunshine when he asked me to be his girlfriend. I still remember that heart fluttering feeling. 

We had some crappy times right in the beginning, we were 16 and stupid and hormones were firing in every direction. This little story seems so funny now, so dramatic and immature. But at the time, this was the biggest/hardest thing that we had ever gone through and we made it.

We struggled our little high school struggles and ended up getting married. It might not be the prettiest story, but it’s ours.  



ImageWe started dating on June 1, 2006 and we got married on June 1, 2013

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