My Wicket


Today I had to work from 9:00 to 5:30. I was dreading it a bit, I was going to be working by myself and I had so much to do. I started my day off with getting residents coffee and sit with them for an hour listening to two violinists give us a concert. I then started a movie, called bingo, cleaned, and helped residents get from point A to point B. I was on my break an I realized I had some time to kill, so I decided to do something that my boss suggested. I went to see a resident who doesn’t spend a lot of time out of her room. I went into her dark living room and knocked on her bedroom door. I went in and found her sitting in her wheel chair watching tv. I had never met this woman before, so I introduced myself and told her I was from the activities department. I mentioned that I heard that she liked cats. Immediately a smile came across her face. She said “yes, I love cats” as she pointed to cat figurines all around her room. I then said, “I live only I minute away, would you like me to go get my cat for a visit?” Her face lit up, her eyes were wide as she said she would love that! 

I told her I’d be back in 5 minutes and I practically skipped to my car! I could make this lady happy, I could brighten her day! 

I grabbed my little kitten and put her in her pink harness and leash and brought her to work. I couldn’t get to the residents room quick enough. I got to her room and her roommate followed me to her bedroom. The second I gave the resident my cat she started petting her and giving her kisses. Wicket started purring and snuggling.

I stayed for just a few minutes and when we had to leave the resident looked at me and said this made her so happy, it made her day. I told her we’d be back another day and she smiled. 

This not only made the residents day but it made mine. I got to make someone happy. I got to bring someone joy. By doing all of this I made myself happy too.

Somedays I really love my job (and I always love my Wicket!)


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