2556 days


I have waited 2556 days to marry this man. Finally, finally, FINALLY I am married! Alexander Rixe is the most amazing man and I am so lucky to be his wife. He protects me and he provides for me. 

Alex and I are currently on our non-honeymoon in Wisconsin (I am not honeymooning in Wisconsin). We are sitting in a tiny coffee shop in Bayfield eating pound cake and getting some internet time out of the way. Our plan for our non-honeymoon is to bop around and spend as little money as possible! Which seems very do-able in this cute little town. A few souvenirs for my scrapbook and then spending the rest of the time photographing the beautiful Lake Superior from as many angles as I possible can.


Alex just updated his facebook status to “Spending time bopping around Bayfield with my wife…” this little status made my heart jump. I am married. I have waited seven years and finally I am married. 

The weather has yet to cooperate with us this week so we will be spending most of our week finding activities inside, other than the obvious, we want to get massages, visit museums, coffee shops, and little quirky shops in a bunch of little towns. Even though all of these things will be great and I will love spending time just me and my him, I think the best thing we will do will happen on Sunday. We will be going to my sister (in-laws) high school graduation party. It will be our first family get together after our wedding. We will no longer be attending as Alex Rixe and Jillian Hermes, but as Mr. and Mrs. Rixe, husband and wife. We wil no longer get questions about the wedding, if we are excited or nervous.

We will get comments of how much fun our wedding was, or how beautiful the ceremony was, how they loved my dress or how sweet it was when Alex cried at the best man speech. We will never have to go back to being introduced as “Alex and his fiancee Jillian”, it will be “Alex and his wife”, “The newlyweds Al and Jill”. 


What an amazing life I get to live, all because this man chose me and I chose him. 

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