I am here all because two people fell in love


True love is hard to find, with my wedding only nine days away I am feeling very lucky to have found the love of my life so young. There is another story about young love that is dear to my heart. 

My parents met in high school and started dating when they were 15 years old. They graduated high school in 1977 and married in 1979. A year and a half later my brother Andy was born and a year and a half after that my brother Rob was born. My parents were dirt poor, my dad worked several jobs just to make the bills. In August of 1984 they bought their first house in a dinky farm town west of Minneapolis, two months later my sister Brianna was born.

For four years my parents had more hardships than anyone deserves, they suffered through miscarriages, a still birth, a botched surgery (which left my mom with one ovary), and my mother fell through a glass table and almost died.

In January of 1988 my parents found out they were expecting and three days before Brianna turned four, I was born. We were now a family of six in a tiny house in a great kid friendly neighborhood. My dad worked two jobs and went to law school. In January of 1990 my parents found out they were expecting again and this time we would be blessed with twins. A week before my second birthday my identical twin brothers, Chuck and Tony were born. Now a much larger family we squished in our three bedroom house and fell into a routine. For my mom something was missing, she felt that our large family was still not large enough. In February of 1993 my youngest brother Christian was born.

For 11 years my parents worked hard and cared for their family. My dad started practicing law as a public defender, my mom took care of her children and had an at home daycare. I remember summers playing in our pink play house or on the sky fort in our backyard. I remember playing with my brothers and our neighbors and looking back I had such an amazing life.  

Through the years we’ve fought, said hurtful things, hurt feelings, but in the end we love each other. We’ve celebrated birthdays, concerts, recitals, graduations, weddings and three of my siblings have blessed our family with babies. Through all the hardships, arguments and disagreements we always come back together. We still have times when we annoy each other, but after a while we forget and start to reminisce about a camping trip or our old dog. We laugh about funny memories from when we were little. I think the reason we are able to do this because of the love my parents started when they got met so many years ago.

If they hadn’t made a point to talk or spend quality time together during those really hard years, would we all still be a family?

Life is not perfect and family is not perfect, but I am so blessed to have a family I can count on when I’m struggling. It’s nice to know that love will outlast any and every problem life throws you. The love of two teenagers, turned into the love of a family of nine and now a family of 21.   

My parents story makes me believe that there is hope for Alex and I. We met at 16 and with hard work and love we can make our marriage last just like my parents have. ImageMy wonderful parents

ImageAll seven siblings

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